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• June 8, 2016

Culture matters

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Culture matters

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Rational was founded in 2009. And, over the last 7 years, we’ve grown to a company of over 170 strong across consulting and agency. We’re so proud of this explosive growth, but it hasn’t happened by chance. Becoming one of Washington’s largest and fastest growing agencies has taken tenacity, creativity, late nights, and an absolutely awesome company culture.

At Rational, we’ve been continuously recognized for our culture, our values, and our people. And this recognition has helped us to grow our brand, attract new business, and build a workforce of rock stars. But, here’s the thing: culture isn’t easy. We work at it. And, as we grow, the harder we have to work to maintain and build our awesome culture.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about culture. We understand what works, what doesn’t, and what really doesn’t. Here are a few things that make us Rational, and make Rational’s culture so unique:

Be awesome to each other

At Rational, we believe in being awesome to each other. We realize that this principle sounds a little like, treat others the way you want to be treated. Well… it is that, but it’s also so much more.

Be awesome to each other means that, even when it’s tough, even when you want to give up—you don’t. You carry on, because you recognize that you and your team are in the trenches together. If you lose, we all lose. It’s a “we” mentality that means we work together to thrive. For this to work, it requires trust. Trust that your teammates will get things done, and do it right. It’s also trust that if something goes wrong, for whatever reason, you’ll all be invested to fix and adjust. Because be awesome to each other means being in service of doing good work, not polishing egos.

This also means that we’re nice to each other, both in and outside of the office. We go to happy hours, parties, and Mariner’s games. We enjoy each other, and that energy impacts our work and our creativity in really meaningful and positive ways.

Invest in fun

At Rational, we invest in fun. We make happy hours a priority. We cater birthday lunches and we keep a fully stocked R-Keg. We offer snacks, outings, and just general awesome times. We do this because we firmly believe that people should enjoy what they do and where they work. We can’t promise that life at Rational will always be easy. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee some late nights and challenges. But, we can promise that we’ll do our best to keep it fun. And that commitment helps employees feel appreciated and more willing to give that extra mile for a team and a company that supports and recognizes their dedication.

Accept ideas from everywhere

The best ideas are born when employees feel empowered to speak their minds. At Rational, we encourage new ideas and push back—from all levels within the company—intern to VP. In brainstorms, every voice matters and all ideas are heard. Come prepared, speak up, and you’ll get the floor.

Empowering everyone to contribute and speak up strengthens the results we deliver. Sometimes the best ideas come from unlikely places. At Rational, we give those “unlikely places” a platform to be heard.

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