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• November 10, 2015

Rational Ranks No. 14 on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures List—Key Learnings for Creating a Stellar Company Culture

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Rational Ranks No. 14 on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures List—Key Learnings for Creating a Stellar Company Culture

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We are thrilled to share that Rational was just ranked No. 14 nationally on Entrepreneur’s Best Medium-Sized Company Cultures list. Creating a great culture takes time and commitment to understand and influence—something we’ve learned over the course of growing from a two-person startup, to a team of nearly 100—and the award reflects a culture that we are extremely proud of and have worked hard to cultivate over these past six years.

During this time, we’ve developed a few key philosophies that we like to live by here at Rational.

Foster a Collaborative Environment

At Rational, we encourage the entire company to work as a team. That means every employee has a clear and open line of sight and communication into our Senior Leadership and Executive Ownership teams. Empowering all team members to utilize Rational’s human capital/intellectual resources allows for a more collaborative and creative environment. In fact, we’ve implemented a mentorship program and encourage both mentees and mentors to actively participate. Our culture supports this program and invites employees to seek out advice or to share ideas with a senior leader, an owner or a fellow teammate—at Rational, we look for feedback and creative ideas at every turn.  

Allow Employees to Speak Their Minds

We believe that true creative ideas are born when employees feel empowered to speak their minds. The key to creating a culture where this is not only allowed, but encouraged, is to build a trusting environment—just like a family. At Rational, we invite employees to push back and test ideas. We support each other and believe allowing team members to speak their minds during internal and client-facing meetings strengthens the results we deliver. Being fluid and looking at ideas from alternate angles in an honest and comfortable environment is how truly stellar results are produced.

Promote Individual and Collective Responsibility

Instilling a sense of ownership requires both individual and collective responsibility from team members. We’ve found that providing transparency and helping employees see exactly how their work contributes to our clients’ (and Rational’s) success, they’re more inclined to dive deep with client work, as they know the direct impact their work has. It’s also important to reward and celebrate these successes along the way, further instilling a culture of ownership and honoring our successes.

Make Time for Fun and Good Food!

Our team works extremely hard and delivers amazing results, and we like to celebrate these successes. That’s why we’ve implemented weekly breakfast sandwich Wednesdays, Friday afternoon movies, monthly trivia and other special events to praise accomplishments. These team events create sense of continuity for our team and allow us to have some fun along the way.

Our company culture has been crucial to Rational's rapid year-over-year growth. Creating a strong culture is an ongoing process, but by fostering a collaborative environment, allowing employees to speak their minds, promoting individual and collective responsibility, while having fun along the way, a remarkable company culture will arise– and great things are bound to happen. 

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