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Dedicated to design and innovation, Acer wanted to be known for both its value-based computers and its groundbreaking products. In a sea of fierce competition, Rational was tapped to help the company introduce Predator, a new line of gaming products, into the North American market for both casual and competitive gamers.


Using an integrated campaign strategy, we leveraged a variety of tactics, including paid and organic social, programmatic display, and influencer partnerships, to increase awareness of the Predator brand within the highly competitive gaming market. We partnered with Tested.com and Adam Savage to develop unique content and digital and onsite fan experiences at both San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con.

As the official sponsor and monitor provider of the League of Legends 2016 World Championships and 2016 All-Star Event, Acer’s brand was exposed to a global and incredibly niche gaming audience. We executed a real-time social content strategy to capture tournament moments as they happened, and we developed onsite fan experiences featuring influencer meet and greets, product demos, and branded giveaways. 




Insider influence

Research on Acer’s gamer audience showed that authentic content is critical to connection, so our campaign strategy focused on partnerships with strong brands and key players in the gaming world.


Crossing over

From a tagline that conveyed the gamer lifestyle is more than just a hobby—“take the game with you”—to live connections with its gamer audience at New York Comic Con and the League of Legends world championship, we brought Acer deep into the world of gaming.


With less than one year in market, our strategy drove millions of views for Acer’s gaming line, Predator, across social media, display, and onsite brand activations. New York Comic Con contributed 1.67 million video views on social, 3.1 million impressions, and 23,600 social actions on video, while the League of Legends sponsorship won 7.8 million display views, over 66 million social impressions, and 1.9 million unique video views. Ultimately, we helped Acer secure a big, brand-new audience and primed its market landscape for future growth.

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