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Amazon is one of the most well-known brands in online retail around the world. When it came to introducing Fire TV, one of its most innovative products ever, Amazon needed the world to see the company as not only a seller of “everything from A to Z” but also a creator. It needed a launch that would educate and inspire consumers first, and, of course, drive sales.


Launching Amazon Fire TV was an opportunity to help Amazon create an immersive experience that explained to consumers why Fire TV was created and how it could transform their entertainment experience.

To do that, we demonstrated the lifestyle benefits of Fire TV—from its ease of use to its awesome entertainment power—and told that story through a mix of video, product imagery, animation, and more. The entire experience was housed on a microsite that helped people explore Fire TV’s cutting-edge features while maintaining an effective selling funnel for convenient purchase.




Growing brand marketing style

Rational developers moved beyond the “buy now” approach to strategically match the innovation of Fire TV with interactive site elements that mirrored the customer product experience.


Building a breakthrough site

The Fire TV microsite tells the story of the product—from its ease of use to its entertainment power—through video, product imagery, and animation, and set new standards for future Amazon campaigns.


Since its launch, our Amazon Fire TV microsite has driven significant engagement, including a 40 percent visitor conversion rate. In addition, Fire TV sales are exceeding all initial projections, demonstrating that the company can market key products through rich, immersive engagements without sacrificing sales.

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