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From security, computing, networking, and storage to big data, analytics, and mobility, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise (C+E) technologies are transforming the way businesses operate in a modern, high-tech world. But this evolution doesn’t just happen; it’s driven by people who are often behind the scenes—the IT pros, developers, data scientists, and technology gurus who are harnessing the cloud for their business needs.

With over 50 channels and platforms spanning more than 12 products and services, the Microsoft C+E team needed a consolidated approach to real-time engagement with the people who rely on Microsoft cloud products and services to drive real-time transformation.


Our engagement approach was designed to provide strategic, personalized, and timely engagement with key audiences via the platforms they prefer, using language they understand. This approach centered around connecting community managers, creatives, and data analysts with key insights at key times, materializing into superior customer care. Along our journey, we packaged our learnings into The C+E Social Media Playbook, an in-depth look at how to manage social media across three major deliverables:

  • Content amplification. We collaborate with C+E and other Microsoft teams to amplify coverage and engagement during major Microsoft events, disseminate product and service announcements, and support readiness efforts.
  • Community management. We work with the C+E engineering community to provide “social triage,” delivering timely support to developers and IT pros by providing answers directly from Microsoft cloud product and services specialists.
  • Social governance. We provide regular monitoring of and reporting on social sentiment and community engagement—so both Microsoft and Rational teams can continue to provide the most relevant and valuable engagements in a scalable way.




Leveraging analytics and insights

Regular audience research and measurement have enabled us to deliver insights that inform best practices for C+E’s business objectives. And our governance principles have ensured we maintain brand integrity, reinforcing Microsoft’s mission and values.


End-to-end social arm

With a team of 20 embedded consultants, including dedicated social community managers, social and blog copywriters, a graphic designer, data analysts, and campaign and events project managers, we have transformed C+E capabilities to identify and meet user and stakeholder needs.

We are truly the end-to-end social arm of Microsoft C+E.


Since 2015, the C+E social media program has grown significantly in terms of scope, capabilities, and staffing—driving huge results, including over 30,000 unique social engagements per month. The social triage aspect of the program has been so successful that we used it as the basis for our “social care” philosophy, enabling us to develop and scale social media programs aimed at delivering product information, readiness content, and technical support to targeted users and decision makers.

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