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qualified leads delivered across 800+ individual campaigns


Microsoft has built relationships with an increasingly vast network of partner companies that rely on Microsoft software to succeed. In an effort to promote the success of these partners, Rational was asked to create end-to-end marketing campaigns that would bring their solutions to market and ultimately drive revenue for Microsoft software.

Microsoft didn’t need a quick oil change—it needed an engine. Its team was dealing with a disconnected loop between Microsoft, its partners, and its partners’ customers. And with a rapidly growing list of partners, Microsoft wanted a program that could fix the loop and scale to support more than 20 partners—a number that would ultimately evolve to hundreds or maybe even thousands.


Our approach: customized yet scalable

Rational designed a customized program that scaled to 400 partners in two years’ time. Before each iteration of the program, Rational partnered with Microsoft to address three crucial questions: How do we make this program enticing to the current partner base? How do we make sure it’s successfully generating revenue for both partners and Microsoft? And, most of all, how will it continue to scale?

A smart, efficient program must be quick to market, have an efficient media spend, and drive quality leads. Our Go-To-Market (GTM) approach included:

  • Working with partners at all stages of brand and marketing maturity (startup to enterprise)
  • Developing numerous campaign offerings, from foundational materials to fully integrated digital campaigns
  • Crafting individual point offerings, including video and product demos




All about the audience

To extend Microsoft’s reach, we defined the audience through tactical conversation and used industry-standard targeting, media mix and strategy, and customized messaging to address partners and customers directly.


Improvement over time

Our fine-tuned approach: replicate only what makes the program more efficient while maintaining the strategic touchpoints that make it effective and human.


Since the beginning of the GTM program, we’ve delivered over 1 billion impressions, over 4 million partner site visits, and over 50,000 leads across more than 800 individual campaigns, with a 14 percent average conversion rate. Best of all, the disconnected loop between Microsoft, partners, and customers has been repaired, supported by end-to-end campaigns that continue to grow brands and earn more business.

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