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Microsoft Azure Marketplace needed to exponentially grow the number of users and partnerships on the Azure platform. So, Rational was asked to create a “gamified” lead generation program designed to give developers excellent incentives to sample some key tools and partner apps. We started by diving into our developer audience, focusing on what’s important to them—what they really want—and how Azure could deliver it.


Devs think in code. They make something out of nothing. They solve problems before the rest of the world even knows about them. And they’re always learning more to help improve the world. In short, they have superhuman strengths. We needed to demonstrate that Azure Marketplace can help them grow their superhuman career powers, contribute to broader company success, and provide key exposure to featured Azure partner tools.




Data saves the day

Through audience-specific messaging, influencer targeting, and marquees of Microsoft partners with brand equity, we attracted the ideal audience of developers, data scientists, and IT pros.


Games for greatness

Rational created a full page of hands-on labs replicating Azure partner solutions, showing visitors the valuable skills and tools available to them and their companies through the marketplace.


Our finished product was a full page of hands-on Azure Marketplace labs organized by topic—aka superpower—that showed developers how to use various partner solutions to level up their superhuman status. Labs were under an hour—and as an added incentive, users who completed all the labs received a reprogrammable drone.

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